September 13, 1997: Two Numinous Spaces

Space 1
I am walking down an alley reminiscent of certain streets in Soho: cobblestones, dirty sidewalks, tall, heavy warehouses. It seems I am here to meet up with someone for the purpose of exchanging goods or information; I can't recall. The deal apparently done, I am walking, with no particular agenda. A large, open doorway catches my attention. The interior seems devoid of people, and unusually intricate for this industrial area. I look around to see if I am observed, and enter.

I have entered a residence, it seems, but such an ornate one! The space is incredible, with huge, idiosyncratic chambers whose layout hints at some larger plan. Some chambers are tiered, with one half raised several inches above the other -- usually the outer edge, the one with the windows. Through the windows I catch glimpses of lawns and patios, and pools of water. As is becoming common in my dreams, many of the rooms are paneled with heavy, dark wood, sometimes with metal finishing.

No one is around, and I am increasingly nervous about being caught trespassing. Yet the space is enchanting! All too soon my fears are confirmed as through a window I see a car pulling up to the building. Somehow the plainness of the vehicle, augmented by 'dream intuition', tells me that this is not the occupant of the building, but rather an undercover security agent sent to kill me and hide the evidence. I will not have a chance to negotiate or reason: this is a professional in the service of powerful interests, who have little time to waste on me.

Luckily, forewarned by this intuition, I make my way out without being apprehended.

Space 2
I am in an environment somewhere between Burning Man and a computer adventure game. It is a large outdoor area consisting of various structures and enclosures. Most of these are self-standing, though a few are connected in some way. Each represents a particular puzzle or challenge, and yet together form one 'level' of a larger activity. In order to move past this level, I am required to execute a chain of problem-solving, acquiring objects or modifying existing configurations. And I must keep my water bottle with me at all times.

Several of these challenges are almost gymnastic in nature, requiring climbing, swinging, or sliding. At some points I am very high off the ground, other times I am walking or crawling through passageways. I am very close to the final goal (for some reason envisioned as a square blue portal), but need to figure out how to get to the top of a large structure. It is a sunny day and I am entirely engrossed in this massive goal-oriented activity.