In 1992 a friend and I were sifting through boxes in my parents' attic, which mostly contained memorabilia from their residence in Scotland in the 1960's. Among the photos and the letters I uncovered a small red paperback book. Looking first at the back, I saw only an icon of interlocking bars against a red background. I turned it over and read the words, "SATAN ON WAR". I opened it, revealing what at first looked like a still from the movie "Ben Hur".

Giggling, I looked over at my friend. His jaw was hanging open; he was staring at the book. "Oh my GOD! Do you know what that IS?" He always got there first; I had no idea. That's when he explained to me about the Process Church of the Final Judgement, a religious sect started in England and espousing an apocalyptic theology involving Jehovah, Satan, and Lucifer. There were ties to Charles Manson, and ample room for speculation about the extent of their influence.

When we confronted my parents about it, they recalled the circumstances under which the book came into their possession. They were on the boat from New York to England, around 1967 or 1968. A group of young Processians were also on board, no doubt en route to Church headquarters. They wore robes and had several dogs, which seemed starved and menacing, in wooded crates. (I recall learning that the Processians believed the dogs could sense the first signs of the end of the world.)

The Process effectively dissolved in the 1970's, and relatively few people know about it. According to shock-culture librarian John Aes-Nihil, there are "virtually no surviving copies" of SATAN ON WAR, except as reprinted in a larger volume, THE GODS ON WAR. So this was quite a find. It is presented here in its entirety.



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