November 28, 1998: Hank Hill Gets High

This dream was entirely in cartoon, based on the show King of the Hill. Hank Hill's at football game with Bobby. Young guy nearby lights up a joint, which horrifies Hank. "What the hell are you doing? You're smoking marijuana? I got my 13-year old son here!" Somehow I am identifying with Hank; the smell seems offensive. Close-up of Hank inhaling second-hand pot smoke as he rants. Perhpas because he's never smoked before, it hits him hard.

Now I am watching the show on TV, sitting on the couch. We see what Hank experiences: filling the screen is a vibrating mandala of vivid colors and intricate geometries -- much more involved than any visuals I've ever seen! Certainly more than they usually show on TV! Really, it was quite beautiful.

Hank stumbles to the car with Bobby. Gets vague here... police? Hank in back seat of cop car, vomits bilious fluid onto floor near Bobby. Bobby is ashamed.

I wake up to the smell of breakfast cooking, pungent -- this in my dream was the smell of pot.