Can I really claim this mind?
This matted den
I call it mine.
But why?
When deep inside, great tunnels bend
	to hide the truth from Ego's eyes.

A restless cell
It ends, yet multiplies!
Thus the many-mirrored Mother
	in disjunction never dies.
I am one and I am many, in an endless string of lives!
	And so the chambers deep within me
	reconnect and ramify.

(Such sewers -- ugh!
How Freud abhorred 'em.
Dr. Jung at least explored 'em...)

A light!
Yet even here it shines.
Who would have guessed, in waking grayness
That there was another side
to this milky maze of drainage
with which each of us is mined?

There it dances
	on the edge,
at the lip of sagging matter
Lighting up a land we've left behind.
And our body is the shadow it defines.

These dark waters running,
Passing boulders, cliffs of stone
Through valleys rank with centaurs sunning,
Forests sweetly overgrown
	with vines
At last
In moonlight full emerging,
The stream another million finds
In the Dreamtime all converging --
	O star-seared sea! O endless Mind!


Copyright © 26-Aug-1996 abrupt