My adipose, my leisure

In collapse I wonder
How we will revert
How our grids will overgrow with opera leaves
When we find ourselves
Back on magical time
The mottled stone, the protein pill, the breaking cough
Each moment laid naked to be sacrificed or squandered

Hey, Collapse!
Come strip my robes, I’m ready
My adipose
My leisure — take ‘em
I am a snail asleep until I feel
The crack and pierce of my shell beneath the boot.

Gather it up

Gather up all the beautiful things

Ever written

Ever drawn

All the songs and teenage dreams

B-sides, napkin lyrics, campfire stories and librettos

Ball ‘em up into a sticky wad of hope

Now pack it good and shove it

Shove it right down History’s hole

Shove it right up to the elbow

Fungal Fruit Body Blues

Went out walkin this morning
Had to get some fresh air
Bunch of fungal fruit bodies
Pushin up everywhere

Hey now, pretty mushroom,
Weren’t there yesterday
Hike that skirt on up higher
Let those spores blow away…

Mushroom mushroom mushroom,
Always more than you seem
Share the Earth with your neighbor
In your mycelium dream
In your mycelium dream
Your mycelium dream


Hello, fellow wolfies!
Loosen your collars
Circle the mansions
Cordon the streets

God is the greatest!
The god of the Dollar
Cut down the traitors
Who rise to their feet

This is your hour
Your maelstrom, your making
The poem of Power
The physics of meat