Cities come together to address climate change

On an optimistic note:

The leaders of more than 20 world cities are meeting in London to swap ideas on combating climate change.

“Climate change is the biggest problem facing us, and cities have special issues such as the heat island effect and flash floods,” [London’s deputy mayor, Nicky Gavron] told the BBC news website.

It’s good to see spontaneous action on the part of cities, especially at an international level. Also interesting how some cities have adapted technologies to their local environment and topology to save energy or reduce emissions. Does the term “green city” have to be a contradiction?

Terence McKenna once related a dream he had of New York City covered in ivy — not because it was in ruins but because it had learned to coexist with the natural environment. A fanciful idea, no doubt, but as Bush would say we need to leave all options on the table.

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