On the Dangers of Compulsive Communication

Make Your Mark Heavy and Dark

Abrupt believes firmly in the empowerment of individuals to mouth off. We have always encouraged people to leave their scent or sign behind them, to do more than passively consume the imagery of others. The technology of the World Wide Web lets more people than ever to do just that. This turns us on, makes us giddy; it makes our panties damp.

“Hey! I’m Rantin’ Over Here!”

Unfortunately, our underwear dries up pretty quickly when we confront the tsunami of communication this technology unleashes. It’s not that there’s too much of it to deal with, it’s that too much of it is virtually worthless. As with cheap photocopying and 4-track recording, people are communicating compulsively — not because they have something to say, but because they can. This can be a good thing, ultimately, if people listen to themselves rant. As in all things, PAY ATTENTION.

…And If You Must Erase, Erase Completely

Abrupt’s policy, in general, is not to say anything if we’ve nothing to say. Rather than put out a magazine every month that’s padded with filler, we’d rather sit for two years collecting material for a quality publication. The same will be true of this Web site. We feel that some of our material is interesting, possibly enlightening. We’d certainly like to contribute to the evolution of the Web. But we’re willing to admit we have nothing to offer if that seems to be the case. We beg your patience, and suggestions.


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