What the Hell…?

An accident has occurred

This image was found wedged behind a picture at the Ear Inn in New York City, in November 1995. There were no identifying marks whatsoever.

42 thoughts on “What the Hell…?

  1. Ok here is what I believe happened. Although it is hard to decipher the events that lead up to the “final” showing on this picture, it seems as though the motorist was hit in the back (the rear, due to the obviousness of the motorcycle’s position in the pic.) by the the car which had hit him with the front end of the car, or more specifically, the bumper. Now the question here is, what did the Aliens have to do with all this, and was there an alien or some sort of accomplice in the car? Simple, yes. I believe what really happened was the aliens were fed up at humans for their low-life, crappy forms of technology so they had an accomplice (another alien, or brainwashed human) stationed in the car, while the two other aliens watched from above in the spaceship. (Note: It’s short distance from the scene.) The Alien in the car was going so fast that the motorist flew back when the car hit him and broke the grill, where his arm got stuck and it rippped it right off once the Alien or human hit the brakes. That explains the arm.

    Once the motorist was examined by the Alien accomplice, and thought to be dead, he sent a signal to the other aliens in the ship, who beemed themselves down and examined the “human” from a short distance.

    So all in all, the image is showing us, plain and simple, an Alien plot to destroy all low-life forms of human technologies, and impose, takeover, or recreate things with their very own “Advanced” forms of “High-State-Of-The-Art” Technologies. There is also a possibility of it being a set-up. For example, if there was to be a probed brainwashed human in the car rather than the alien, authority figures (if there were authority figures) would blame the human and by that time tthe Aliens would be gone and out of sight.

  2. Quite obviously this alien is telling us that the buddha is all wrong. The buddha is an alien, much like Lucifer, and Jesus, and Shiva. Or maybe this alien has learned the ways of transcendental meditation from us lower life forms.

  3. i think what really happened was that the aliens decided they wanted to take a vacation. since earth is the “new in” place they decided to come here. they found out earth is to them what disney world is to us. really expensive and a pain in the ass. but they also found out the secret to why disney isn’t as popular as it could be. not enough deaths and blood. so they thought they would liven up our lives by using their telepathic powers to kill people.

    this is just one incident. their calling card is the severed arm placed in a strategic location. this time conveniently stuck in the car’s grill. some of the bodies they took home with them to have as souveniers. others they left for us to discover. jon bonet for example was killed by the aliens, unfortunatly in her case they didn’t have time to remove the arm. alien time is a lot different then ours you know.

    of course this is just my theory, it isn’t like they visit me and talk to me. they have never emailed me telling me what they have accomplished. but they do tell really good jokes. some of them are kind of cheesy, but still are funny. besides would you refuse to laugh at homicidal maniacs? come on now… but they say they like me a lot. so they sometimes do what i want them to. but i don’t know who the biker is. actually i think his name was fred.

  4. the “aliens” apear to be observing a horrible accident, but their ship is either very small or in the distance (as in leaving, arriving, or possibly observing these two “aliens” from a safe distance”)

    the “motorist” appears at first glance to be dead, “he” may just be looking at an invading armada of which we can only see one ford of some undetermined make (the amount of blood at the scene says to the trained eye (not to mine however) that this is not the “scene” at all but an intentional staged “event”)

    the “injured motorist” appears to be wearing “spandex biking shorts”, but these seem to have pockets (maybe these “shorts” are not that at all but some sort of time travel device, whitch would explain the intrest of (at least (2) two species of “aliens”, besides, everyone knows that spandex was “out” long before helmets were “in”)

    the “severed” arm in the grill of the auto is a righty where as the “injured motorist” is missing a lefty (i have no explination for this, unless there is a second “victim” burried in the engin compartment of the auto, or maybe the “aliens” placed this contradictory evidence to frame an innocent ex-husband)

    the “bike” appears to have sustained little or no damage (to the rear section, at least, as we cannot see the front section of the “bike”(if there ever was a front section to the bike)), wile the “injured motorist” appears to have sustaind considerable damage in at least (6) six areas of “his” “body”

    the skid marks left by the “bike” tell of a very low speed impact wile the auto shows seems to have left no skid marks (this may be explained if the “injured motorist” were at a compleat stop when the car rolled into “him”, or these could be from a prior “accident”)

    the well maintaineg grass speaks of a suburb (but where are the houses?) the “hedge appears to be IN the road (could this hedge be a “blind”? could this entire scene be a “blind”? (if the hedge is a “blind” is the ducking “alien” moving it closer to the “accident” if so is he/she/it strong enough to lift it? how many “aliens” are hiding back there?))

    you must excuse my spelling as i am not allowd access to a dictionary or other printed matirials.

    i hope you sort this tragidy out soon, it will keep me up tonight.


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