What the Hell…?

An accident has occurred

This image was found wedged behind a picture at the Ear Inn in New York City, in November 1995. There were no identifying marks whatsoever.

42 thoughts on “What the Hell…?

  1. If you have been around for as long as I have this is obveously a trap set for the alians masterfully set up by Control.

    In the 1960’s there was a rash of animal mutalizations in the US. Everybody knows that alians were behind them. Anyway, The Chief set up an elaborate sting incoporating only his best agents. Agent 99, Agent 13 and of course Agent 86 Maxwell Smart.

    This is how it worked.

    Agent 99 Was disguised as an old lady Driving the car. She crashed horibly into Agent 99 that was on th motor bike. Now Max, the great actor he is, laided down on the highway and acted like he was dead. Knowing ful well that the alians would want to see how the Humans mutalized their own. He must have been laying there for awhile because the makup on his fractured leg was staring to run because of the heat,while the makup on his severed arm that was shaded by his body was still dry.

    Agent 13 was the surprise. He was hiding under the hood of the car disguised as severed arm. You will notice that the grill is cut in a circle instead of being pushed in. That is for Agent 13’s protection.

    As the alians flew by they noticed the wreck and wanted to get a closer look,so they parked their ship neer bye but forgot to cloke it, then started sneeking up to the scene. When they try to get closer to Max laying on the pavement and walk in front of the car Agent 13 grabs one of them by the leg. And Max and Agent 99 jump up and make the arrest.

    Brilliant yet Simple.

  2. Someone was drunk, and they wedged this image behing the picture at the
    Inn. Whoever it is, is probably missing their picture now.

  3. Obviously… The Aliens beamed down to take a leak behind the bushes. The driver of the car was startled by the sight of Aliens taking a leak behind a bush (not to mention the hovering saucer). This caused the car driver to drift into the oncoming lane, where the unfortunate motorbike rider met his abrupt demise. (Note, that if the arm in the grill of the car is supposed to be the one missing from the prone rider, then it is the wrong arm.).

  4. the guy on the bike was tired, so he’s taking a rest, he owns the car, and the aliens are his pets, it’s that simple

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