What the Hell…?

An accident has occurred

This image was found wedged behind a picture at the Ear Inn in New York City, in November 1995. There were no identifying marks whatsoever.

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  1. you’ll notice that the individual aliens have the image of an airplane tattood on their heads. a DC-8 airliner in fact – direct reference to the Scientology mythos of the alien galactic overlord Xenu. Scientologists love to appear at the scene of accidents to offer counseling, this scene depicts agents of Xenu setting a trap for hubbardites. it is unclear whether the image was meant as a cautionary warning or a taunt.

  2. All you people are wrong. its obvious that the man is a crash dummy. notice how he has no facial expression. this was a test to make better front bumpers for red station wagons. it was done by the national crash test thing that is secretly run by aliens and thus thats why they are there. its also obvious the bush is used to stay protected by things that fly around when the crash takes place. and for stashing substences. im gonna take a shower now.

  3. As the car drives in traffic the driver notices a flying object by doing so the car hits the motorcycle the little green men watch the crash as an experiment.

    the alien flying saucer (symbolic of the media) created the distraction of the car driver (symbol. of the comfy mass consumer) which results in the dead cyclist (symbol. of efficient consumer) the week and non conformist dies within the Comfortable dupes excessive power.

    perhaps this response is a learned trite viewpoint, be it common or insightful our perception of this picture would be very different if the media wasn’t burned into the psyche

  4. First I will direct your attention to the injuries on the man. It is impossible to say whether the man has his right arm from this angle but it is clear he does not have his left arm. You can see he has a fracture in his left leg and scrapes on both knees and his face. The scrapes and the injuries to the left side of his body indicate he landed face down impacting his left side first. Instead he lies on his back with the motorcycle on its right side, the body was clearly moved. To further support this theory notice that there is no pooling of blood near the left arm. It is important to point out that based upon the lack of skid marks behind the wheels of the car the car did not break abruptly. As well I must point out that the skid marks that are present do not end at the bikes tire and therefore were most likely present before this incident. This leads me to think that the car and bike were not in any accident. At this point you must be thinking who would set up a scene like this, a motorcycle on its side, a dead person, a missing left arm, another arm in the grill of a car. It is natural to think that the aliens had something to do with it, but they are not the only ones there. Someone must be behind the camera taking this picture. I doubt that the photographer is completely innocent in this ordeal otherwise he would have come forward publicly, he has not done this. It has been mentioned by others that the bushes are in the road, this suggests the aliens are moving closer, and they are clearly coming out of hiding. They could simply want to help the man, not realizing he is already dead, or they may wish to eat him. The aliens were set up for this photo, lured by an odd site, and photographed by the perpetrator himself. The only way to find the responsible party is to trace the photograph back to the photographer, a good place to start is previous occupants of the hotel room where it was found. It also may be helpful to review missing persons reports or autopsies in order to identify the victim. It is possible that the car or even the bike belong to the perpetrator and if they are identified they can be traced back. I wish you luck in your quest to find justice.

  5. Here’s what happened.

    Dr. God and his assistant returned after 6000 years to check on their experiment. Seeing the half neandrathal half godlings still in such a primitive state, (retarded) he decided against telling them the power they pocess, but while using his awesome mind control power, purely with his thoughts, Dr. God hadn’t noticed the guy on the bike was an enlightened being. He had been raised away from the false church and told he could be whatever he wanted and he decided to develope mind reading abilities, which turned out to do him in. When he heard the rest of the truth about humans it was too much and he headed straight for the car, which was driven by a drunk, who later went to jail for vehicular manslaughter. And the shame of it is, the cyclist could have revealed to the world that the bible was a plant to enlighten certain people. They would know what the meaning was. The parables about god the garden and the serpent. It is the only way to release these dumb humans from bondage yet they will never hear it. I’m just thankful that I have reverse psychic abilities and can see into the past. I know the secret that I have yet to hear anyone anywhere say. I stand only in this powerful knowledge that would blow the world away if known. The key is Genesis, and how you read it. It is under the message that is under the message then you go under that and you begin to see how much more there is to the story they teach. It’s god inspiring alright, I sure was inspired by it. May your godling realize the power.

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