Layout change

Reverted to a less-customized theme. The site was experiencing some intermittent display issues, and was minimally functional on mobile devices. So I’ve opted for a more out-of-the-box format (customized within provided parameters) in exchange for a more robust platform. The hope is that I may start posting stuff more frequently, but we’ll see.

There’s still a little work to do, so pardon any formatting glitches.

The Abrupt Reading Room

The Abrupt Reading Room has finally been brought into the 19th Century! Updated to the weblog backengine, with a brand-new old-fashioned look and feel. Features include randomize book images on the main page, and the ability to comment on individual reviews. Also, moved it out of [LOGOS] to the top page.

ISP change now hosted by DreamHost. Please consider helping Abrupt by hosting your site with DreamHost. Mention user abrupt when you sign up and we’ll get a referral discount. Thanks!

Strange dream!

Good lord that was a strange dream! How long was I out? Looks like I’ve removed the minimal PRODUCT page and elevated the EDITORIALS to their rightful place in the starry firmament. I know folks are thirsty for new content, and I hope this can be arranged.